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Welcome to the Walnut on Highland community!

Mingle with your neighbors at weekly resident events, stop by the lobby to give Fido a treat, and enjoy community celebrations right outside your door!




New Years Resolution Check In
January 1 - 15
Highland Coffee Bar

Stop by the Highland Coffee Bar, write your resolutions and goals for 2020, seal your envelop and we will deliver it to your mailbox in June so you can check your progress halfway through the year! 



Wine Down Wednesday with Chantal's Cheese Shop
Wednesday, January 15 from 6 to 8 PM
The Penn Party Room

It's Wednesday, you know what that means! Head over to the Penn Party Room for a glass of wine and specialty cheeses from Chantal's Cheese Shop!



National Chocolate Cake Day with Bethel Bakery
Monday, January 2
Highland Coffee Bar

National Chocolate Cake day falls on a Monday this year, combat the Monday blues and visit the Highland Coffee Bar for a treat! We will be serving up chocolate cake throughout the day and into the evening hours, while supplies last!

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